Root Note in music is the note within a chord that defines the key of that chord.  It may be (but is not necessarily) the lowest tone you hear in the chord.  In fact, its order within the chord has a lot to do with the sonic qualities of, and therefore the listener’s perception, of the overall harmony.

This website is not about that kind of Root Note.  Instead, it serves as a platform for information on all things soil, water, and plant-related for agriculture and the environment.  Because plant roots are frequently found wherever water and soil interface, and because plant roots are very important indicators of the functionality of agricultural and environmental systems, this website respects, elevates, and remains ‘rooted’ in the subject of roots.

Inside these pages you will find helpful facts, recent and ongoing research, and philosophical opines about a wide range of related subjects.  Where roots appear and function in each of the posts will hopefully affect the reader’s perception of the ‘harmony’ of an often unseen part of the natural world.

“Music is not in the notes, but in the silence between” – W. A. Mozart

“Without roots, all of our tomatoes would blow away!” – J. Mowrer